Cycle Day 3

15 Jun

Well, it came late, but it came. Old Bloody Britches showed on Wednesday. I was actually pretty okay when it finally showed; the days before, I was a stressed out mess, but finally getting an answer, even though it was a big ol NO, was like a weight off of my shoulders. Although, buying more tampons and OPK strips was bittersweet.

By coincedence, my fertility clinic called me to ask if I had taken a home pregnancy test (yes. All of them) and I explained that I had just started my period and I’d need to come back in. I think the med tech on the other end expected me to be broken up about it, but I was surprisingly not. It is what it is, right? I’m disappointed, sure, but this was my first go. I wish it had worked, but if it had, I would’ve picked my jaw up off the floor and ran to my nearest convenience store to buy so many lottery tickets!

So, no, I’m not pregnant and, yup, I’m back at square one. I went in this morning to start another observed cycle, got another ultrasound and some more bloodwork. In a few hours, I’m going to another acupuncture appt.

I made sure to actually ask questions at my appt this morning, too! So proud. I asked about increasing my chances and he was very encouraging of the things I was already doing, specifically the prenatals and CoQ10. He strongly recommended any sort of anti-oxidant supplement. He also emphasized that sperm and eggs are dumb (my words) and conditions could be awesome and it could still not work. He said that a lot of times sperm and egg WILL meet, but just not implant. So, what can you do. Stupid sperm and egg. It’s mind-boggling that SOO much of my body’s time and effort is spent towards reproduction-creating linings, farming egg follicles, hormonal cocktails, shedding linings, etc.-and when I finally give it what it wants, it completely boffs the deal.

C’mon, physiology. Get with the program!


One Response to “Cycle Day 3”

  1. areyoumymoms June 15, 2012 at 7:06 pm #

    So congrats on getting your first attempt under your belt…so to speak. Here’s hoping that sperm and egg become magically smarter this time around!

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