Oh, hey. So…it’s been a few days.

14 Aug

It’s been almost two months since I’ve updated. Yikes. I had no intention of abandoning this project, but it just kind’ve happened. Since that last post, I had my July insemination and it failed. I’m not entirely sure why, but it really hurt my feelings. Everything had gone so perfectly-thanks to my doctor trusting my data-collecting, the insemination was spot-on in timing. And I already had my first negative out of the way! My charts were beautiful; they could have been published in a book on what luteal phase temps should look like. And then, at the very last moment, my temp dropped and my period started.

At first, I thought I was okay with it, but then, after realizing that I had not gotten out of bed for the day and had no desire to start back up with the acupuncture and the green tea and the whatnot, I thought that maybe I wasn’t so ok with the negative. Logically, I know that I have no reason to expect anything and that you can’t really will yourself to catch pregnant, but eh, the heart wants what the heart wants, right? And the heart wants a bun in the oven asap.

Fast forward and we’re in the midst of another two week wait. Another great insemination with good timing. And I’ve taken steps to reduce the crazy for this cycle. I stopped recording my temps past the point where it was necessary to back-up my ovulation date. It wasn’t doing anything, but giving me more material to obsess over.

Secondly, I’ve largely gone to back to my normal activities and diet. I’ve stopped acupuncture. The cost vs benefits ratio just wasn’t panning out, so nixed that. I’ve been having a cup of weak coffee in the morning. I’m still trying to eat healthier and I’ve been on top of my prenatals and vitamins, but I’ve definitely have made friends with sugar again.

Thirdly, funtivities! My birthday was a few days post-insemination so I had that. The Wife surprised me with a shark-swimming adventure at our local aquarium. It was awesome! We strapped on snorkeling gear, got into a tank full of sharks, clinging to a wall, while the more curious sharks were fended off by our guides equipped with 3 ft of PVC piping. Get away, 500 lb killing machine! *poke poke* They had just been fed the day prior, so we didn’t look like entrees.
THEN we went to a baseball game and got to sit in a sweet suite, complete with free food and drinks, including beer (for The Wife). This was her employer’s suite, so there were a few of her co-workers there, including a very pregnant woman. So baseball and pregnancy chat, a very good time.

The next day, we flew out to Savannah and stayed for two days. It wasn’t really a vacation-type thing. We haven’t made the official announcement, so let’s keep this between us, but it looks like that’s going to be our next move. The Wife and I have been trying to find a way out of our current city (too much crime, too much filth and grossness) and we had been trying to get to Atlanta, but there weren’t any jobs there. However, Savannah popped up when The Wife got a job offer and we went down to do a bit of investigation. After visiting and researching, it looks pretty good. Great cost-of-living, lower crime rates, beaches, close-ish to family-all things we wanted! The biggest downside is the state of their public education, ie disgraceful. But The Wife has been adamant that No Child Of Hers Is Going To Public School so that’s a non-starter for her.

So the first week of the two week wait was really thrilling. Now I’m rolling on 11 days past ovulation and I’m suffering. Every time I pee, it’s like a Christopher Nolan movie-fraught with tension, filled with tension, overflowing with drama. The special effects aren’t much to speak of though. But the will-I-or-won’t-I of each incidence of urination is ridiculous. I’ve managed to hold off so far, but I think I might test tomorrow AM. Day 12, that’s good, right?

I’m so hopeful, sooo hopeful, that this is positive. If not, then we’re going to try to time it so that we move after the next insemination. And we’ll have to make firends with another fertility clinic in Savannah, get them to be friends with our sperm bank-argh. Pain in the ass.

I’ve been having…experiences…that I hesitate to call symptoms b/c it feels like bad luck. My boobs started hurting so badly (needles in the nipples) while we were in Savannah and I never get breast pains at any point in my cycle. But then I realized it was only 4DPO and it doesn’t make sense that I’d start experience…experiences…so soon. I’ve also had waves of nausea on-and-off for the past week. BUT I’ve also been spending a lot of time eating bad food, up and down in airplanes, and stress. So…there’s that. And low levels of cramping like my normal PMS cramps turned way down in volume. But who knows, that could just be women’s crap. Hormones, amiright? So you see why I can’t think of those…experiences…as anything other than that?

Argh! Screw you, 2 week wait. Screw. You.


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