14 Aug

Is anyone else watching Showtime’s The Real L-Word? Yeah, yeah, it’s awful and completely ridiculous, but I can’t help myself. But, holy hell, this season has been so difficult to watch for someone who is trying to get pregnant. One of the lesbian couples conceived via IUI, but ended up going into pre-term labor at about 20 weeks and lost their daughter. They seem to be a very sweet, loving, together couple and it was so heart-breaking to watch them go through this. It just underscores how utterly uncontrollable and terrifying getting pregnant/staying pregnant/giving birth can be.


2 Responses to “PS: TV!”

  1. sateenkaariperheeksi November 7, 2012 at 11:52 am #

    Hello from Finland!

    I had to commeny on this one (I’m also anynomys addict of TRLW!!!). Though I only finished watching season 2 and just starting to watch season 3 today b/c I have flu and I’m at home… (It’s not on TV here in Finland, so I hadto use other “chanels” to get those seasons).

    So when I saw the first line of this post w/ The Real L Word, I started reading…. so got one spoiler now (my fault!). I think it will be hard to watch the pre-term labour… Though I’m myself also a “premie” (26+5, so little under 27 weeks, and that was 1981 !!! and I’m completely healthy, though cant never become athlete etc. got small lungs…).

    But I (we) will continue reading your blog in the future too! And also tons of luck with TTC! We’re “on the same boat” here too…! DPO 3 here today (after 7 inseminations during this cycle, started like a week before ovulation and ended few days after that… and this was our 7th try…)

    -hopefully future “mommy B”-

    • asskickingmama January 29, 2013 at 2:09 pm #

      Hello, Finland!
      Two apologies: first, for the delayed response and, second, for the spoiler! I can’t believe I didn’t spoiler alert that!

      And, woooohooo! How’s that second trimester going? I saw on your blog that you’re pregnant! (also, I think it’s so cool that you post your blog entries in two languages!) Kudos to you to for moving in your 15 week. That’s hardcore!

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